Winterfest 2018

Winterfest '18

Winterfest 2018

Winterfest is much more than a worship experience. Winterfest is about that moment when students encounter God in a fresh way!

It's an opportunity for students to get away from the stresses of life, have fun with friends, and make some new friends. Students return home from Winterfest having heard from God, encouraged in their faith and excited to live for Him in a new way!

There are two, separate Winterfest experiences, to better serve our students and parents:

Smoky Mountain Winterfest

For students in High School (grades 9-12), the Smoky Mountain Winterfest experience is held in Knoxville, TN March 8-11, 2018. The total cost to attend this event is $315 (includes transportation, lodging, event venue, and limited meals). Event t-shirt and power pass are optional and an additional cost.

Here's last year's ITINERARY for Smoky Mountain Winterfest, to help you prepare. We'll post the 2018 version at a later date.

Premier Winterfest

This event was added specifically for Middle School students (grades 6 through 8 only). The Premier Winterfest experience is much closer to home than Smoky Mountain Winterfest, in Ocean City MD February 2-4, 2018. The total cost to attend this event is $215 (all expenses paid: includes transportation, lodging, event venue, an event t-shirt, and all meals will be paid for).

Here is last year's ITINERARY for Premier Winterfest, to help you prepare. We will post the 2018 version at a later date.


Registration will open this summer. To know more, send Pastor Chris an email, or calling the church office at (540) 667-8017.


Here are some videos, highlighting the 2017 experiences.