The Spirit of Negativity

Today, I'm going to talk to you about what I perceive to be one of the greatest destructive forces in your life and mine. This "spirit" affects your home, your work, your business, our church, and literally our entire nation. This spirit is the "Spirit of Negativity." I call it a spirit because it pervades our thinking, our feelings, and our actions.

If you watch or listen to the news, or read the papers, there is very little good going on.

Our human nature - our fallen nature - is attracted to the negative.

Before I talk about the Biblical solution to this spirit of negativity, let me throw out a few key signs and characteristics of this spirit. Here are some flags to look for in your life.

Signs of the Spirit of Negativity

1. Good is ignored.

2. Mistakes are the focus, and the benefit of the doubt is absent.

3. Often, we sacrifice our gifts and passion because we lose sight of the big picture.


Overcoming the Spirit of Negativity

1. Transform our minds (see Romans 12:2).

2. Change our thinking (see Philippians 4:8).

3. Control our mouths. Study the following Scriptures:

Psalm 141:3

Proverbs 10:19

Proverbs 12:13

Proverbs 13:3

Proverbs 11:11

Proverbs 21:23

Ephesians 4:29


For the next 7 days, I challenge you to stand in front of your mirror and, before you leave your house, make this confession:

My Confession:

My mind is made up; I've chosen my course. There is no turning back.

I am a child of God.

I am who He says I am.

I am special to God and His Kingdom.

I am forgiven.

I am a product of God's grace.

I am a Christ-follower.

I am a champion for Christ.

I am more than a conqueror.

I am filled with His Spirit, and will walk in the Spirit throughout this day.

When I return home, I will praise Him for His protection, I will bless Him for His mercy, and I will sing His praises in the night!

I will live life to the fullest today.

I will bless someone today with my words.

I will speak words of life, of comfort, of healing and power.

I will walk in victory.

I can do what He says I can do, and today I will live life in abundance!

Now, go do the next right thing!