Superheroes (Part Two)

Today, we take a look at another Biblical character who is a true hero of the Christian faith - ABRAHAM.

Text: James 2:14-24

1. Abraham's faith compelled him to trust God. 

  • What is our faith producing for us?

A. When the job is taken and we are left to our fears, what then?

B. When God says, “I’m going to stretch you,” what is your response?

C. When the Lord says, “You can teach those kids or sing these songs or play in that band or lead a group or be an intercessor,” what is our response?


D. When God says, “Lay it all on the altar, because before you do, you can’t see the provision of God,” what are you going to do?

2. Faith will produce some works. 
  • Our “feel good faith” and religion isn’t worth the powder it’d take to blow it up if it doesn’t demand of us and sustain us in the "mountain-climbing" moments of our lives.