Superheroes (Part Seven)

Today's Biblical superhero is PETER.

Jesus' first words to Peter were, "Come, follow me." (Mark 1:17 NIV)

Jesus' last words to Peter were, "You must follow me." (John 21:22 NIV)

As best he could, Peter followed Jesus. He had his challenges and struggles, but he hung in there. 

What we fail to remember is that when Jesus chose his disciples, he wasn't looking for models. He was looking for real people. He chose people who could be changed by His love and mercy. 

Jesus came to salvage those who were being rendered useless

Life Lessons:
1. God loves imperfect people. 
  • The biggest hindrance to people coming to Christ is this belief that we have to be better than we are for Him to accept us. 
2. God uses imperfect people. 
  • The biggest hindrance to people doing something for the cause of Christ is feeling that, "I'm not worthy enough nor gifted enough."