Step Up

Each June, we love to celebrate the milestones students and parents reach! But we also recognize we need to do more than celebrate. At Wincog, we want to be the best partner you have when it comes to parenting your child.

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Step up into Middle School

So you’re the proud parent of a soon-to-be 5th grade graduate! It’s such a big deal, to see your child getting ready to move on to Middle School. Get ready, because sixth grade is the phase when there’s never enough groceries, too many hormones, and a dramatic kid that needs someone to prove, “who cares.”

We recognize that while this is a huge transition for your current 5th grader, it’s also a major transition for parents! And we want to help.

PREVIEW DAY. We’re hosting a Preview Day Sunday, June 10 at 1:00pm in the Family Life Center. We’ll have lunch, hand out a Free t-shirt for your child, and you’ll meet Jason and Kimberly Fore, our sixth grade small group leaders for the summer and the full 2018-19 school year. They have big plans and a huge heart for your child’s age group, so please register, so we know you’ll be coming. We’ll also give you a tour of the building so that when your child “steps up” into the student ministry the following Wednesday, they won’t be so overwhelmed.

STEP-UP WEDNESDAY. Your child will officially “step up” to the student ministry Wednesday, June 13. The worship experience begins at 7:00pm, but please bring your child about an hour early so they can hangout with friends, make new friends, and get a snack from the Reach Café. We’ll recognize your child, and the 20-30 other 5th grade graduates, welcoming them into the student ministry in a big way! We encourage them to wear the Reach t-shirt they’ll receive at the Preview Day.

MENTORS. In addition to Jason & Kimberly being focused exclusively on your child and the other sixth graders, we’ll introduce your child to a mature student that’s eager to help your child make great choices as they enter Middle School.

We know you probably have more questions than can be addressed here, so we put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions and suggestions on What to Say, Not Say to your 5th grade graduate.

If you have any questions, please call Pastor Chris in the church office at (540) 667-8017, or you can email him at


We also want to recognize students stepping up into High School, and those who are either graduating High School, or entering their final year. We have lots of resources to help with these major transitions as well as others, just let us know how we can help you!