Our goal is for every student to take at least one NEXT STEP in their faith each school year. Whether that is salvation, getting baptized, serving others, or sharing their faith, everything we do is with that in mind.

Here are a few things we have planned to help students take their next step in the new school year:

SALVATION. Sermons and small groups focused on helping students hear the good news about what Jesus can do in their lives, inviting them to say "Yes!" to Jesus.

WATER BAPTISM. Getting baptized in water is a public declaration of our faith in Jesus Christ. It is an outward demonstration of what Christ has done in our heart. It is the next step after Salvation. We have a Celebration Night coming up June 11, when we'll baptize students who are ready to follow Jesus' example of water baptism.

BAPTISM IN THE HOLY SPIRIT. Asking God to give you the full in-filling of His Holy Spirit is something every Christian should pursue. It is an empowerment that comes from God, and is evidenced by speaking with another tongue.

SERVING. Several opportunities to serve inside the student ministry, such as joining the Praise Team, Media Team, Welcome Team, SLED Team, and others! They are also encouraged to help out in our Kids Ministry. And if they want to help in other areas, Pastor Chris does everything he can to make it happen. Serving in our mission trips, or in community organizations (such as their schools), is also encouraged often.

SHARING YOUR FAITH. And aside from speaking often about the importance of sharing their faith, and to do that, we added a retreat Fall 2017, to get really practical with helping them succeed in the largest mission field they have; their schools.

All of the other activities and retreats on the calendar are also crafted with these Next Steps in mind. For all questions about Next Steps, please contact Pastor Chris at chrisranson@wincog.com.