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National Renewal Prayer Service

I’m a Christian – How Should I Vote?

Questions to ask before voting:

1. Is the candidate a Christian?

  • I use this in the broad sense. Obviously there are no candidates, probably never have been, from our faith tradition. However, for me, I want a President who is influenced by the basic tenets of our faith.
  • Do they ascribe to our basic foundational belief?
  • Jesus is the Savior.
  • He forgives our sin.
  • We can walk in relationship with God.
  • We should pray and read the Bible.
  • Remember, no candidate will measure up in all expectations we have for Christ-followers.

2. Will the candidate represent your basic belief in how our country should function?

  • In a representative government like ours, our leaders serve as our proxy. Hopefully, if elected, our candidates will make the decisions we would make if we were in their place.

  • Franklin Graham published a comparative list of several party platforms that are important to most evangelicals. These are available as you leave tonight.

3. How does the candidate view the Constitution?

Two basic views:

A. Constructionists – believe that judges have the responsibility to abide by the original intent of the framers of the Constitution.

In a changing culture, our 9 Supreme Court Justices are charged to gauge their decisions based on the timeless principles of the Constitution.

B. Expansionists – believe the Constitution is organic and is an ever-changing body of truth.

In a changing culture, our 9 Supreme Court Justices base their decisions on what is currently the trends and movement of the culture.

Here, in my opinion, is the single most important issue facing our nation today. Which candidate do you trust to appoint the next 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices who will shape the character of our nation for decades?

The Election and Your Family

Elections tend to make people crazy. This election has been over the top!

How do we talk as a family about this election? What do we say to our kids?

The most important thing is not to create fear.

We have the tendency to speak in apocalyptic terms. “If Clinton is elected, it’s over. Our Nation is gone.” Or, “If Trump is elected, our country won’t survive. I’m leaving America.”

Our children should see we are concerned but not frantic and living in fear.

Be honest about your process to choose a candidate. 

Things said like this might be helpful: “I’m not completely happy with my choices. Here is my struggle with the candidates.”

Avoid the character assassinations with your children. The candidates have done a great job of that. Stick with substantive issues and policies. In doing so, educate yourself and your children on some of the most important issues to you.

Keep the Gospel the Gospel.

Show your children what matters most to you, and that’s the Kingdom of God that’s not of this world. God is in control regardless of our elections. Jesus is Lord and will always be. Prayer changes things. And the church, not the White House or Governor’s Mansion, is the hope of the world.