Indivisible (Part Five: America in Crisis - Is There Hope?)

Father’s Day - This is a good day to celebrate the faithful fathers in our church. There are some really good men in this church. As fathers and grandfathers, we carry a lot of responsibility and also a weighty influence.
So, men, faithful to your wives – you work hard and come home at night and love your families – you truly are significant to our homes, our churches, and the future of our nation. Thank you for being men of valor and men of God.

America is at a crossroads today. Many of us grieve over our nation. America has changed and is changing.
There is unsettledness in our nation today. The Prophet said, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”

Proverbs 14:34 -
NIV: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.
NLT: Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.

We long for disciplined, godly leadership. In my humble opinion, we need a statesman. A man or woman to rise above the fray and walk us in the divine plan of God. Here is what I believe we need.

1. The church to be the church.
• We are here to provide spiritual and moral direction.
• America still looks to pulpits for moral and spiritual clarity.
• Christ established His church to be a House of Prayer and Reconciliation for all nations and for all times.

2. Truth bearers
• Without truth, we grope in darkness.
• Without truth, we are left to find our own way.
• We have a road map. We have truth in this ole Bible.
• America has lost her way. We aren’t down for the count yet. But we are staggering. We need truth. We need it preached from every pulpit. We need it practiced and implemented by every business owner. We need it embraced in the halls of Congress. We need it believed and loved in the Oval Office.
• We need every dad, every man, every young man to develop a love for the truth – the truth of God’s Word and the Truth and the Way and the Life – Jesus Christ.

3. Faith sharers
• We must speak up and speak out. We need a revival in America! We need a preacher – a prophet – a priest of God to stand and declare, “Thus saith the Lord!”
• We need you – the church – to share your faith in love and courageously speak out.
• We must not remain silent!
• Jesus did not call us to be the Secret Service nor Secret Agents. But we are to testify of the grace given to us and share His healing love in our broken world.

We can’t change America by rioting and looting and becoming angry. But by the love of God and the grace He gives going out there and reaching one dear person at a time.

Guys – we need you to bear the truth. Men, we look to you to lead us. Lead our families. Lead our homes. Lead our churches. Lead our communities. Lead our nation again. Answer the call. See the need. Embrace the mission. May God Almighty give us the courage to do so and let it start right here, right now.