Hook and Crooks and Tithes and Offerings (Part One)

For the next couple weeks, we are going to explore the Bible, the church, ministry, and your money.

"Money-talk" is often taboo in churches. The bad taste comes, the tension rises, often when we see ministries begging for money, selling wares under false pretenses, promising blessings that aren't Biblical and lifestyles that are a reproach. These are the ones that use "hooks" to get your money and are "crooks" to the core.

However, in spite of the hooks and the crooks, God has a church and He has a people who understand the economy of stewardship. As a Christian, our fulfillment in life is not found in how much we have, but rather, in what we give (see Ecclesiastes 5:10; I Timothy 6:17-19; and Luke 12:15).

Stewardship - giving - tithing - offering, should never, ever just be about money. Stewardship is about developing a heart like God's. It is about seeing oneself as a servant - a servant of God's - a servant to everyone else.

Jesus Himself gave us the greatest example of stewardship and servanthood when He washed the disciples' feet (see John 13:12-17). The heart and soul of stewardship is serving those God places in our lives.

How to Serve:

1. Imagine all feet to be Jesus' feet.

2. Be a participant instead of a spectator.

3. Pick up a servant's towel and just do it.

  • Follow the model of Jesus with reckless abandon.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to serve - even if it seems like something insignificant.