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Greater (Part 1: The Invitation)

1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT
Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

This verse is more than just information. It's an invitation. It may not seem like a very clear invitation right now, but over the next few weeks, we'll unpack the greater life that this verse invites us to experience.

Invitations are life altering, defining moments. In fact, everything in life is the result of an invitation of sorts. Don't think about this too hard, but you're actually alive because of an invitation. Invitations are important.

Church for Inviters

I've given my life to create environments where you can invite unchurched people to come and experience life-change... to come and experience God either for the first time or in a new light... to come and find faith, receive hope, and experience love.

You see, we aren't trying to create the best churches around this area (though I believe we are). We aren't trying to create the biggest churches in our area (though we are considered a mega church). What we're trying to do is simple: we're trying to create a place where you are excited to bring unchurched people, because it's our mission to connect people to God to become fully devoted followers of Christ. But if we’re not careful and intentional about that mission, it’s very easy to become a church that caters to insiders and not one who’s reaching outsiders

To have reaching unchurched people at the core of our mission, it can make things awkward and messy. Unchurched people are just that - unchurched. Either they don't have any experience with church, or they've had a bad church experience in the past. It's our job to make this environment one that breaks barriers, engages community, welcomes openly, offers helpful teaching, and ultimately connects people to God. And this can make things messy, because we'll get all kinds of complaints. I've learned in 11 years of ministry that if you're getting complaints, you're doing something right. Here's why. There are 2 types of complainers/critics: ingesters and inviters. Ingesters are churchy people who complain because what we're doing that they're ingesting isn't to their preference. Ingesters are not investors. Inviters are those who complain because what we're doing could negatively affect the unchurched person they've invited. Inviters make the best complainers, and in fact - we love getting critiques from inviters. They help us decide which direction we need to move toward to keep hitting the mark of reaching the unchurched.

Example: your boss has finally agreed that he/she will come to church after years of invitations. And you are so wanting the greeters to be cheerful and welcoming, you want the temperature to be ideal, the music to be upbeat and not too short/long, you want the sermon to be full of love, helpful, and practical, you want the camera shots to be on target, the media and lighting to be impressive - you just want it to all be spectacular, because the unchurched person you've invited has finally come to church. That's the person I want helping me critique what we do. Not the person who isn't on a serving team who thinks the donuts are too sweet, the music is too loud, and the pews are too hard. Inviters are always thinking through the eyes of the unchurched, and inviters help keep us on mission.


It all starts with an invitation. Maybe this is the place where you were connected to God for the first time or reconnected to Him after being far from Him and found faith, hope, and love. And because of it, you’re experiencing the greater life that He has for you. But it actually gets greater when you invite others to experience it with you.

There’s really no better way to invite someone to church than just, "Come and see.”

We’ve made it super-easy for you to invite your unchurched friends and family.
Ways to invite:

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