Easter 2014

Text: John 19:25-27

God cares about the family. So much so that in His dying moments, He takes care of his mother. In His final minutes, His thoughts turn toward His mother and her welfare, and to John and his loyalty. In doing so, He gives us a powerful example of God's love for the family.

God loves your marriage and family. He is not sitting idly by, moved and swayed by a changing culture. God is not absent or apathetic about your relationship.

Jesus is risen and there is hope for you and your family. Resurrection power is on the scene!

Family Covenant:
We believe:

  • That God gave us our family.
  • That our family is sacred.
  • That God wants us to pursue unconditional love for each other, practice forgiveness, and live in harmony.
  • Therefore, we, the undersigned, pledge to fulfill our commitment to one another. In the Presence of God and these witnesses, this Easter of 2014, we agree to joyfully receive each other as God's gift, and always put the Lord and our family first. So help us God!