Best Year Ever - The Sequel

At the beginning of this year we talked about “Your Best Year Ever.” We made commitments to the Lord and to ourselves. Things like: devotions, reading the Bible through this year, getting in shape, going back to school, building better relationships.

So, today is “check-up day.” How are you doing? How many of you have met or are meeting all your goals for this year?

Truth is, the reality is we drift toward the routine – the expected – the normal. We start out well, but the emails, the meetings, the daily grind pulls us back into the same ole same ole.

But here’s the good news – it is not too late! The year isn’t even half over. There’s plenty of time to start reading your Bible. And it does not impress God that you do it in a few days or weeks or months. It just needs to be read frequently – daily.

There’s still time to get in a Life Group. Join the church. Be baptized in August.
Get in shape. Go home and walk. Ride a bike. Do a fitness program. Take care of yourself. It’s about the best thing you can do for your family.

As I said in January, have courage, take some risks, get a plan and start it.
Here’s our text today:

2 Thessalonians 3:13 NIV
And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good.

Philippians 1:6 NLT
And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

1. Do the next right thing.
A. Revisit and refine your list.
B. Prioritize your list.
C. Get going!

2. Trust the Lord to help you.
A. God wants you to succeed.
• “He who began the good work…”
• He started the good work – He isn’t done yet and won’t be until your time is up.

B. You’ve got to believe you can do what really needs to be done.
• So, you’ve tried to get started and failed – many times. Listen, you haven’t failed until you give up!
• You’ve got this!

C. Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT
Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6 Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

Can I help you a minute? Can I get really personal with you? If I speak direct and blunt, but truthful, will you promise to still love me? Alright,

3. Lose the bad attitude.
A. Too many are just too negative.
B. Nothing ever has worked for you and nothing will.
C. You’ve just settled and basically resent the rest of us.
D. Stop it! Give it up!

Some of you are watching too much news and reading to many doomsday prophets. I’m serious. Yes, things are tough. Yes, kind of crazy, wouldn’t you say? We haven’t quite seen anything like what we are seeing.

And I’ve ridden the band wagon. I’ve gone negative myself and even disheartened. And a preacher named Andy Stanley – Charles Stanley’s son – called me and others out the other day. And it hurt, but was a pill I needed to swallow.

We need to knock it off. We’ve watched this political circus. We’ve put our hope in some man or woman or political party or the process.

We’ve become disillusioned with what is going on and frustrated. People even saying they’re going to move to another country if this guy gets in or this one doesn’t.

And we just need to knock it off. We’re scaring the kids! You and I just need to remember our hope can’t be in a candidate for president or dog catcher.

Yes, vote. You need to – should vote – should get involved – and shame on you if you don’t. But know this: Our hope is not in a man or a party or its platform.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…
• Just knock it off!
• Speak hope!
• Speak life!
• Your kids aren’t doomed. I’m telling you, my grandkids are world-changers and champions for Christ!
And so are yours if we’ll get it together.


1. It’s not too late. Start today.
• Devotions. Praying over your kids.
• Prayer Partners (923 currently) – pray for us to make a difference. We’re on a mission.

2. Repent – start fresh with Jesus.

Worship Set

"Holy is the Lord"

Chris Tomlin | Louie Giglio

Verse 1

We stand and lift up our hands
For the joy of the Lord is our strength.
We bow down and worship Him now;
How great how awesome is He.

Misc 1 (Pre-Chorus)
And together we sing’
Ev'ryone sing.

Chorus 1
Holy is the Lord God Almighty.
The earth is filled with His glory.
Holy is the Lord God Almighty.
The earth is filled with His glory.
The earth is filled with His glory.

Misc 2 (Bridge)
It is rising up, all around.
It's the anthem of the Lord's renown.
It's rising up, all around.
It's the anthem of the Lord's renown.


"To Our God"

Brian Johnson | Jeremy Riddle | Joel Taylor

Verse 1

Up from the ashes,
Your love has brought us,
Out of the darkness and into the light.
Lifting our sorrows,
Bearing our burdens,
Healing our hearts.

Chorus 1
To our God we lift up one voice,
To our God we lift up one song,
To our God we lift up one voice,
Singing hallelujah!

Verse 2
Chains have been broken,
Eyes have been opened
Army of dry bones is starting to rise.
Death is defeated,
We are victorious,
You are alive. (REPEAT CHORUS)

Singing hallelujah
Singing hallelujah
Singing hallelujah

Make His praise,
Glorious, glorious, glorious!
For His name,
Glorious, glorious, glorious!
Make His praise,
Glorious, glorious, glorious!
Shout His name,
Glorious, glorious, glorious! (REPEAT CHORUS TWICE, THEN BRIDGE 4 TIMES)


"Hear Us From Heaven"

Jared Anderson

Verse 1

Lord hear our cry
Come heal our land
Breathe life into these dry and thirsty souls
Lord hear our prayer
Forgive our sin
And as we call on Your name
Would You make this a place for Your glory to dwell

Chorus 1
Open the blind eyes
Unlock the deaf ears
Come to Your people
As we draw near
Hear us from heaven
Touch our generation
We are Your people
Crying out in desperation

Verse 2
Lord hear our cry
Your children worship
As we sing out Your praise
Would You make this a place
For Your glory to dwell

Misc 1
Hear us from heaven
Hear us from heaven
Hear us from heaven
Hear us from heaven
Hear us from heaven
Hear us from heaven