Be Your Selfie (Part Two)

Key text: 1 Timothy 1:19 -

"Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear."

You will be constantly pushed away from your faith. You will be constantly asked to compromise your faith. You will be pressed to give up your standards. But cling to Christ and keep your conscience clear!

Cling to Christ:

The word "cling" - I immediately think of a sticker - a "window cling." The only way it comes off is if you pull it off. But when Paul instructed Timothy to cling to Christ, he meant much more, an experience. The only way you are going to hang on to Christ is if you constantly have an experience with God.

It's not enough to meet once a week. What our families really need is to ask the question, "Where are we not experiencing God?" Are you praying with your kids, your spouse? Do you sit down together at dinner and talk about God, with the TV off, with the cellphones away? Ask it!

 Clear Your Conscience:

If something keeps your family away from having an experience with God, you need to clear it out. Ask it! "Is this keeping my family away from God?" Just ask the question. Don't wait for your spouse to start a prayer time with your kids, just start it!

Every day, the culture is trying to sneak into your family. The world is telling your kids, your spouse, even you, to compromise. Compromise your Sundays, your prayer time, your dinner time, family devotion time, your finances.

Your family is waiting for someone to stand up and say, "Enough is enough. I will not compromise what is most near and dear to my family! I will cling to Christ and clear out the things that lead my family away!" You do this, and years down the road, you will have done more than been a good parent or spouse - you will have given your family the greatest gift. Ask the questions!